Paige Benedetti

In January of 2012 my life almost changed forever, I broke my back snowboarding in Park City, UT. I was 23 years old at the time and was raised in a very active environment, sports are a major part of my life and what makes me happy. After hitting a 30 foot jump and overclearing the landing by 10 feet, I landed on my back with my legs over my head breaking four vertebras and completely crushing one, T8-T12.

Someone must have been looking over me that day as the doctors said I had a 90% chance of being paralyzed. They were truly amazed that I was up and walking with a walker in four days. I was pretty much helpless and bed ridden for three months.

Soon after my three months were up, my mom and I flew to Cabo to relax and recuperate. I was in a back brace and still very immobile, stiff, and uncomfortable. I was terrified that I would never get back to my old self and that i was going to be in pain and restricted for the rest of my life. My mom and I were researching different types of therapy when a friend had told us about Claudio and his expertise in heath and wellness.

Shortly after meeting Claudio and hearing his success story and how he was taught the breathing technique, we were skeptical of what the power of breathing could do for me but had faith that he was going to do everything in his power to heal me, mentally and physically. And that is exactly what he did.

Claudio taught me how to hear my body and release my tension, stress and pain through the process of INTENSE Breathing and Stretching. He was aware of my capabilities and injuries, but pushed me to focus and exert all my strength to release the tragedies that my body had bottled up. His mentoring was awarding in many ways than one. Not only had we significantly increased my range of motion and flexibility but Claudio’s methods taught me how to RELEASE unnecessary mental and physical stress.

At the end of each session I found my self feeling weightless, pain free and in a total relaxed state, so relaxed that I would fall asleep. I will always remember what Claudio taught me and never forget to Breath.

I recommend Hydro-Therapy to Anyone, at any age, whether you are injured or not. I am now back to doing all the things I love, Snowboarding (although I choose to stay grounded), Wake boarding, Golf, and much more. I feel truly blessed and thankful for my second chance at life and wellness. I am beyond grateful for Claudio and his patience, sincerity, guidance and words of wisdom. THANK YOU CLAUDIO!!!!!!!!

Warm Regards,