It´s always a good time to express stored emotions and cleanse yourself.


Our body stores emotions as pain, tightness, and discomfort. If you observe each emotional reaction with total honesty you will find is linked to a physical sensation: We all have felt butterflies in the stomach, or had a gut feeling, the relief of taking the weight of the world off our shoulders or to release a lump in the throat that leave us speechless is amazing, isn’t?

All this process is synchronized within ourselves. All this reactions are clear messages from our body.

I personally like to refer  to this as  “The Mind (Emotions) – body -breathing triage.”

In order to be healthy we must listen to our bodies and do everything in our means to release that stored stress triggered by our emotions.

Who as a boy, did not  grew up hearing the popular phrase: “Walk it off! or guys don’t cry! And in order to be a tough guy you just “shake it off” when got hurt? Most women on the other side are encouraged and socialized to discuss their feelings. Unfortunately our bodies are attached to our emotions so even if we’ve “talked ourselves out of it.” The physical and emotional impact of unexpressed pain is done, and will last as long as you decide to carry it deep within you, until by your clear intention take the decision and awareness to cleanse it off.

Our bodies know and recognize the stored emotional stress and are aware of the things that our minds would like to push aside.The great news are that it’s never too late to address these issues, and that the results can help with both physical and emotional pain.

Here, I give you a couple tips we can take when feeling down and in need to release an unresolved emotion:

Bring Joy to your heart! We all have a particular activity we enjoy and love doing, mine are going for a motorcycle ride or maybe just taking a walk on the beach. You should find a daily physical practice you enjoy.

Notice I didn’t suggest to work out and exercise! even though they could apply. Just do some physical activity you simply love! The kind activity you feel you could do any time, all day long. Go for something simple, walking your dog, yoga, etc. Any activity that brings attention to your breathing and the sensations in your body, becoming a dynamic meditation.

A regular bodywork and therapeutic massage are some of the most effective ways I’ve seen (and experienced) for releasing stored emotion. When someone works on those knots in your shoulders you have from long held anger or stress, emotions will come up.

in my case I’ve had clients crying in the middle of my class or after coming back the very next day have tell me “Claudio, I got home, got in the shower and for some reason I just pored a rain of tears that came out of nowhere”.Why is that? They commonly ask me, well now you know the answer.

Some other times the pain is an old deeply rooted one or just hanging on in the muscles, waiting to be released. This is why It’s so important to remember that a massage therapist is a facilitator for this process of release. Through breathing and bodywork, we can tap into these stored emotions and begin the healing process within ourselves.

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