Enrique Vazquez

I am Enrique Vazquez from Cabo San Lucas, I met Claudio at school. I was lucky enough the school principal decided to incorporate CLAUDIO’s training at my school.

I just thought it would be a great way to help me improve my fitness. I love doing sports, I’ve always had.

When I started using this magical technique it helped me improve so much in so little time!

I suddenly had no limits, I felt relaxed, and I was always in control of my breathing, and made the most out of it.

This year I took a year abroad in Belgium, and when I saw there was going to be the Half Marathon Brussels, I thought this was simply an opportunity I couldn’t let it pass by…

I’m 18 years old, and this was my first Half Marathon, there were more than 40,000 competitors from all over the world. I GOT IN THE 318TH PLACE!!!!! I DID 1:18:48 TIME!

I never EVER expected to do so good!!

This is really a dream come true, and the best of it, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! ;)

Thank you very much Claudio for teaching me this marvelous technique, that I always use, and it works wonderful!

LETS CONTINUE WITH THIS SUCCESS! I really recommend to train with Claudio, he is the best! and remember, ONE BREATH AT THE TIME!

P.S. Claudio, next time I’ll challenge you to a push-up contest, hahaha.